data-inspired outdoor ads 

Our targeting algorithm takes into account the vehicle’s exact location, time of day/week, weather, & consumer data from the world's top data providers to ensure that your ads are only shown in areas and during times that make sense sense for your business

Spotless Coverage

Industry-best drivers

Think of us as a digital billboard that can serve full-motion video content, allows unlimited creative swaps, and is available at every single cross-street of your choice. Our fleet of hundreds literally covers every pin in the city  

Because we only partner with the top 5% rated full-time rideshare drivers, we're able to maintain the most reliable fleet in the industry, double-vetted by both rideshare platforms and Halo, and always present in locations and times relevant to our clients

Map represents a single Halo driver’s route over 14 days

Brand-Safe OOH

Brand safety is one of our top priorities. We never want our client's ads to be displayed in areas that don't represent their brands well


On that note, we blank out ad-serving on our monitors around brand unsafe environments (adult stores or a custom selection of addresses) to ensure that we maintain the integrity of your brand

Incredible Granularity

All of our targeting happens through the driver's phone, which gives us a more precise location of the vehicles and allows us to integrate more hyper-targeting features such as weather-based targeting down to the pollen count


Creative Execution

Our in-house creative development team provides free video animation support to our clients -- whether it's leveraging existing assets or creating new ones, the Halo creative team will ensure that our monitors do your brand justice 

Real-time Tracking

The Halo Dashboard lets advertisers track exactly where their ads are being shown, the number of pedestrians exposed to the ad, demographics reached, and more. Make changes & publish live within seconds

In addition, our bi-weekly 2-pager provides detailed insights on your total impression reach segmented by zip code, average age, household income, and time